Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hey y'all. I have a question for all of you dog owners out there...

We feed Buzz and give his insulin at 8AM and 8PM every single day. His schedule is incredibly structured and he loves that. He knows when it's time to eat. When it's time to poop. When it's time to play. He has thrived this way. This not only makes his world easy and relaxing, but it also helps us. If even the smallest of Buzz's behavior is out of whack, we know something is wrong and can usually get him treated and healthy and back to normal.

It's been this way ever since he was diagnosed with diabetes. My husband and I are so careful to make sure one of us is home for breakfast and dinner, which is really hard for 2 young adults who love to go out with friends, but we've made it work (not without sacrifices, though).

Then came last week. My favorite band was playing at a venue which is a 90 minute drive from here and the concert didn't start til 8PM, which is Buzz's dinner time. We decided it was worth it to rearrange Buzz's schedule for the couple of days before and after the concert so we could go. Moving his food time didn't seem to bother him until the days after the concert. Now, he doesn't want to eat. This is a dog who LIVES for food. If I lose track of time, he's always there to remind me that it's dinner time. But for the past few days, he's acting like making him eat is like making him take out the trash - the worst thing in the world.

So my question to all of you dog lovers, how do I get him back on a schedule? We've tried taking his food away and only giving half of his normal insulin amount, to re-teach him that he eats when we feed him, but he still doesn't seem interested in food during the next meal. His behavior is fine. He's playing, drinking water, sleeping, etc normally. He's interested in our other dog's food. He wants treats. He just doesn't want his food during his normal feeding time. I've resorted to using his food as treats just to get it into his system, and he'll take the kibbles as treats. But as soon as I put his food bowl back down, he doesn't want it.

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. :)

Who couldn't fall in love with this face?


  1. When you need to make changes in a diabetic dogs scheduled , the recommendation is to make 30 minute changes at a time. With Rocky, we feed at 6:00 am and pm. We have made temporary changes as much as an hour though. The only time we have had a problem with his eating is due to tooth pain. Pulled the teeth, problem solved.

    You didn't say how much of a change you made or how many days before and after you made the change.

  2. Hey Ila! Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Turns out the reason Buzz didn't want to eat was because of the onset of the pancreatitis. He seems to be interested in food again since he's been on meds, but keep your fingers crossed for us!


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