All About Us!

Hi, I'm Erin. My husband (we'll call him D.) and I are both graduate students with two furry kids.

We adopted our first terrier mix, Bella, in August, 2008. She was only 3 months old, the runt of her litter and desperately needed adopted.

Since then, she has grown into a very smart (she has us very well-trained) and independent pup. She’s had to deal with bladder stones and is on a special diet so she can’t eat many treats – but she prefers cuddling to eating any day. We had a great 1 and ½ years with her as our only dog, but quickly realized that not only did she want/need a playmate, but we really wanted to adopt another pup.

We found Buzz, a (now) 8 year old terrier mix, on In March, 2010, we traveled 8 hours (round-trip) to bring him to his forever home.

He had medical problems from the beginning, but most cleared up pretty quickly so we went on with our lives. Then came December, 2010. Buzz got very sick and was diagnosed with pancreatitis, colitis, and diabetes. We weren’t sure he was going to pull through – but he’s a fighter and has proved to be a brave little dog. The pancreatitis and colitis have cleared up (though he has now been diagnosed with irritable bowel disease), but we are learning through trial and error how to care for him and his diabetes.

It’s true what they say, that the diabetes doesn’t define him. Buzz is Buzz, not diabetic Buzz. But I wanted to create a place where people going through what we went through can find accurate information about what we went/are going through.
This blog follows our everyday lives as we get and keep Buzz healthy.