Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a diabetic setback...

Buzz is in the animal hospital. Or the doggie prison if you'd ask him. Pancreatitis: the return of the vomiting. Sometimes I feel like my life would make a great movie.

In his mind, he's done his time. 36 long, hard hours. I will (hopefully) get to pick him up tonight, but that could change if he starts throwing up again. I visited him last night and the poor guy couldn't stop throwing up long enough to cuddle with me. But the only thing that seemed to be on his mind was the door and getting through it to go home. It broke my heart to leave him there.

Please don't leave me.
Before the pancreatitis set in, Buzz had his first hypoglycemic event at home. He started shaking and acting really strange and he even threw up, so I checked his sugar. 30! As in, T-H-I-R-T-Y (the normal low is about 80). He (of course) had no interest in eating, but I was SO FREAKING LUCKY that we had karo syrup. I dipped my finger in it and spread it over his gums (as I had read to do in other blogs and websites). Buzz was not happy about that, he really hated the taste - but I can't blame him. Everything returned to normal within an hour.

Then it happened again in the middle of the night. The vomiting, shaking, and totally weird behavior had me absolutely freaked out. I got him to the emergency vet, which is also the same place as our diabetic/internal specialist vet, and he's been there since.

I think the pancreatitis caused the hypoglycemia - everything just got so messed up. Having an autoimmune dog sucks.

Does anyone else have any experience with pancreatitis and diabetes?


  1. Aww, poor Buzz! Hope he can come home soon! Hoping the low blood sugar was caused by the pancreatitis.

    Elyse and Riley

  2. My husband and I had the same thing happen to us just five short weeks ago with our boy Milo. Our prayers are with you!

  3. I'm late seeing this, but I hope Buzz is doing okay!

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