Monday, June 3, 2013

Diabetes is hard...

Buzz had an at-home glucose curve done back on May 23 and these are the results:


That's bad. I know it. You know it. His last curve was in January and it showed that his numbers were all within a normal range (see here), but obviously something has changed since then. I hate seeing numbers over 350. That's when his body starts making those dreaded ketones that can lead to ketoacidosis (not fun!).

He's gained a bit of weight the past few months (about 2 pounds, but for a dog his size, that's pretty huge). BUT he's exercising more now that the weather is better, and you'd think that exercise would help bring his numbers DOWN... not up. So I don't know.

We've increased his insulin by 2 units in the morning and 3 units at night and we'll check his glucose curve again in about a week to see how he's doing. As of now, he doesn't have any symptoms of ketoacidosis or pancreatitis or a flare-up of his IBD... so keep your fingers crossed for us, please! :)

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