Monday, August 8, 2011

The cost of having a diabetic dog...

A fellow diabetic dog blogger recently posted about the true costs of having a diabetic dog. I thought I'd add my two cents to this conversation.

Having a diabetic dog isn't cheap. But neither is having a dog. If you are willing and able to adopt a dog, you must be willing and able to support that dog. Whether it's diabetes, cancer, or some other issue, having a dog is a responsibility and one that must be taken seriously. I've had people make remarks such as "...but it's just a dog!", but that's insane. Your car is just a car! Your kids are just kids! See how well they respond to those comments, and my guess is going to be, not very well.

So, to get to the costs..

Insulin - $25, lasts ~3 months. $8.33/month
Syringes - $13 for 100, lasts 50 days. $7.80/month
Test strips - $1 each. Depending on how well he's doing, $10-60/month
Special Food - $55 for a 30lb bag, lasts 1.5 months. $41.25/month
Treats - $8, lasts 2 weeks. $16/month

That averages out to about $110/month.

However, this cost does not include random trips to the vet for medical issues caused by the diabetes (ketoacidosis, etc)... but that's becoming more rare the longer Buzz has diabetes. Because he's well-regulated now, the cost of testing strips has gone WAY done (from $60/month to $10/month), so that's a huge plus.

And really, the cost to keep Buzz healthy is less than the amount I pay for my cell phone. Think about it.


  1. I just spent a little less than $200 on an animal meter. But, it'll be worth it for my peace of mind. I am diabetic also so I know the importance of testing.

  2. When you add that cute photo on the end, who could argue that it's worth every penny? :)


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