Thursday, July 14, 2011

They're all bark....

Since D has been out of town, Buzz and Bella have been FREAKING OUT at every. single. sound.

A car pulled out of a garage 3 roads over? BARK! You are not pulling it into MY garage! BARK!

Anyways, I ran the dishwasher before I went to bed last night and it must have turned over about an hour later.

Well, Buzz and Bella were fast asleep by that time - and this woke them up and must've scared the living daylights right out of them because they went CRAZY.

Howling, yelling, screaming, screeching, barking, etc.

I went to open the bedroom door to show them that there wasn't anything to be scared of...

...and they BOTH STOOD BEHIND ME, as if to say, 'go check it out, mom! and let us know if someone is here to kill us!'

Ohmygoodness. It was so funny.

I walked in and out of every single room so they could see no one was in there (Buzz was convinced there was a goblin in the office) and they never once got in front of me to protect me.

What babies.

At least my dogs don't wet the bed, though (right Meagan?)... :)


  1. Buzz and Bella sound just like my sister's Boxers, Daisy and Highway! Daisy is afraid of her own shadow and Highway's just kinda...slow...I guess you could say! They'll bark and bark and bark, but then Daisy will hide and Highway doesn't even know why they're barking half the time. Glad to see your ferocious guard dogs were such help to you...haha!! :)

    Here's hoping D gets back soon and things can return to semi-normal!

    Do you follow Minnie and Mack's blog? Minnie (a Puggle) is in the hospital with pancreatitis right now. I gave her mom your link since you have some experience with it. Here's their blog address:

    Elyse and Riley

  2. I did not follow that blog, but thanks for the link Elyse!

    And yes, I have two big babies. At least they like to cuddle. :)

    D got home last night (thank goodness). I don't think I've ever seen the dogs so happy!

  3. Are you sure our furbabies aren't related? That sounds like Rocky. He and hubby have a game they play. Hubby will put something weird on his head and slink around. Rocky's hair will stand up and he barks up a storm, and all the time backing up and getting behind me.


  4. Awww..too cute! I'm sure they weren't really scared, they were just trying to be really good guard dogs!

    Kirby's mom

  5. Office gremlins. You can't trust em.

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