Monday, February 3, 2014

Been a while..

Buzz has been doing amazing lately. The past couple months have seen some ups and downs, but overall, things around the M house are great.

We had a glaucoma scare back in October. Does anyone know a dog diagnosed with glaucoma and had to have the eye removed?

It all started with an eye infection. To be safe, since Buzz already has cataracts, our vet wanted us to see the eye specialist. Of course this had me on pins and needles, imagining the worst. Don't ever google 'dog glaucoma' unless you are fully prepared to have your dog's eyes removed. Because I was not ready for that. So I had a full blown panic attack at work.

The eye specialist was amazing. To make a long story short(er), Buzz doesn't have glaucoma. He only has chronic dry eye (which caused the infection) but is at risk for developing glaucoma in the future. So now he's on a daily anti-inflammatory drop and gen-teal severe drops to help the dry eye issue. A minor price to pay for his eyesight! 

He hates the drops, but he'll do anything for treats so he takes them like a champ. 

Anyone have any advice on glaucoma or cataract management in dogs? I'd love to hear everyone's story with these diseases.

Bella is OBSESSED with my 6-month old niece. Buzz couldn't have cared less.


  1. Glad to hear Buzz is doing well! I have seen really young puppies that somehow had glaucoma and had to have one or both eyes removed--terrible. Honey the Great Dane had one eye removed last year, I think. (I can't remember what their blog url is, but I think it's something like "bighoneydog" though). Our Chloe was beginning to develop cataracts in the year or so before she died (her death was not related to cataracts, so no worries!!). She seemed to see alright though, and we didn't have to give her eye drops. Anyway, I am not a ton of help, sorry!! :)

  2. I have been researching cataracts in dogs and there is a product called Ocu-GLO that people swear it works. People say that it stopped the progression of cataracts. I want to use it but I am asking my dog's vet first. Our beautiful boy Beau was just diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes. He also has the beginning of cataracts. I hope the Ocu-GLO works.


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