Saturday, July 14, 2012


The past few months, Buzz has been doing really well. We've done a few curves, increased his insulin a few times, and he's been as healthy as a horse in one of those huge mansion-stables that are scattered throughout Kentucky. Seriously, the horses here in Lexington live better than I do! Don't believe me, here:

That mansion-stable is probably 10x bigger than my house... ugh.

Anyways, back to Buzz... he had a flare-up of his IBD (irritable bowel disease) this past week. Started with vomiting then progressed to blood in his stool when he did eat, and ended with him being sick and depressed. Luckily, we caught it in time, started him on meds, and he's getting better.

The worst part about having a dog with IBD? Having a dog with IBD AND diabetes. When he won't eat, we give him less insulin (about half his normal dose). But what about when he eats a little bit? Do we give him his full dose, part of his dose, what? It's a tricky game. You don't want his sugar to go too low, but if it stays high, that presents new obstacles (ketoacidosis for one).

He was sick for maybe a total of 3 days, and is back to playing with me and the hubby, annoying the crap out of Bella, and eating like a maniac. He toughed it out, like he always does. Thank goodness.


  1. The symptoms you mentioned ate so very similar to Rocky's. He was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. If I hadn't had a blood panel run and it showed his amylase way high I would have thought IBS too.

    Glad to here the furbaby has fully recovered.

  2. Buzz was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis when he was first diagnosed with diabetes, and has had a few bouts of sickness caused by that. Poor Rocky and Buzz. Their immune systems don't really like them much, huh?

  3. I'm late in swinging by, but I hope that Buzz is doing okay!


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