Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glucose Curve w/the NEW AlphaTRAK2

Here is Buzz's blood glucose curve from this past weekend. A glucose reading was taken every 2 hours between breakfast (8AM - 1.5 cups of Hills z/d, 9 units of insulin) and dinner (8PM - 1.5 cups of Hills z/d, upped to 10 units of insulin).


First, the numbers are horrible. Way too high. We've increased his insulin and will be re-doing the curve this weekend.

Second, I sort of have mixed feelings on the new AlphaTRAK 2. Here's why. His 10AM reading was 398. My husband wanted me to get two readings from two test strips, both on the new meter, at the same time. The second reading (taken immediately after the first) was 40 points lower (and NOT reported in the above graph). No idea why.

Third, Buzz is showing me that I don't think he's ever really going to be regulated. Every time we increase his insulin, it holds for about a month - but then he needs more.



  1. I went through the same thing, except Rocky peaked at 4 hours instead of 6. As you already know, we changed him to 3 meals a day and last time I checked his morning fasting had dropped from over 300 to under 200 and was essentially level.

    Looking at Buzz's curve, it looks like a "perfect" curve except, as you say the number are too high. With a curve like that, it may just be a matter of time. It's frustrating I know, just hang in there.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Ila! I'd love to do the 3 meals a day thing (do you still only do 2 doses of insulin?), but with both my husband and I being graduate students - there's just no possible way to do that. :(

      I talked to my vet and he isn't concerned with why the new meter gave me two such drastically different numbers, since the numbers were so high. I hate increasing Buzz's insulin because we've never had a hypoglycemic event, but I always feel so awful when I realize his numbers aren't as good as I thought they were.

      I'm still trying to figure out why his insulin needs are always increasing. Have you had this problem with Rocky?

    2. If you use two different drops of blood, the readings will not necessarily be the same. Buzz's body will use the glucose and each drop of blood can give a different reading. I also understand that AlphaTrac meters are allowed 10% plus or minus. Ten percent of 398 would be 39.8 or 40. So the meter was within the parameters.

      People meters are allowed to be as much as 20% off.

  2. I just got the Alphatrak2. I have run a few comparisons with the old AT and so far have found the AT2 to give higher readings. The lower the number the closer they are...but when the BG reading gets higher the differences are greater. I even found when using the control solution the AT2 is higher.

    Control solution AT2- 164, AT- 141

    A couple different readings on my Spaulding (big white lab).

    AT2-341, AT-220
    This difference concerned me so I did it again and got... AT2-327, AT-262 (still a big difference, but not as bad as the other)

    Later in the afternoon ...
    AT2-218, AT-185

    I'd be curious if you do a comparison what results you get.

  3. I just got the AT-2 and got similar results doing the same comparison. Which one is right?

  4. I have no idea which is right! My vet didn't seem all that concerned, but that was mostly because Buzz's #s were high. But what about when they are low? That would definitely raise a red flag... keep me updated with your new AT2!

  5. At 2 is giving different readings after 3 test strips within 3 minutes.150 point difference with each test.This cannot be right.

  6. I just tested my cat with the alphatrac 2 within seconds apart the first reading was 202 the second was 344 the third was 502 and this is the same blood sample taken at one time. My cats always high that's why I retested. So what do I do since he is on 3cc twice s day. There is either something terribly wrong with the Meyer or the test strips? Has anyone had this occur and what is the solution. Im going to call customer service in the morning because readings this off could cause serious consequences. It's only two months old and the strips are brand new. Please contact me if you can softest me because I'm very worried about treating my little guy with readings so off. My email address is Rbaiga@ aol.com. Any advice would be so much appreciated


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