Saturday, April 28, 2012

new glucometer

Has anyone used the new AlphaTrak 2 glucometer? Our original AlphaTrak meter was giving us the 'Er4' message for a while, and now is super unreliable if we can manage to get a reading. So we are looking into new glucometers.

With that said, we have 100 unused AlphaTrak test strips if anyone wants them! Just send me an email at



  1. I haven't tried the new meter yet since our old one seems to be working OK. I have tried the new strips and love them.

    Are you on either oscars_diabetic_animals_support list on Yahoo, or diabeticpets? Both are good groups, and on one someone has already bought the new meter and is supposed to be reporting back on it soon.

  2. Sorry that should have been

  3. Ila, thanks for the info! I went ahead and bought the new glucose meter. I'll update on here how it does. I'm strangely excited about this purchase.... Weird, huh?

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