Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little surprises in life...

The hubs and I woke up this morning and found a pile of throw up at the end of the bed, under our blankets. Neither dog would own up to it... so we had to put our detective hats on (figuratively of course, although it would be pretty cool if we had real detective hats exactly for this purpose).

Buzz's diabetes has been pretty unregulated, but he's doing better - and even better than that, he's gaining weight. Not sure if it was him. He normally doesn't like to burrow under the blankets, but it was storming last night and he was scared - so he burrowed.

Bella is known around town as pukey-mcpukerson. She throws up a lot, mostly due to nerves (she's a super anxious dog) or excess bile production (though both dogs are on a medicine to help curb this, but puking still happens). She's also a notorious burrower. She loves to be under the blankets and between my legs (weird, I know)...

The 'mess' was near my legs, which led us to the pukey-dog (Bella), as that's her spot, and she would probably have freaked out if Buzz had burrowed down to that spot.

So our conclusion is that the culprit is Bella. She's been acting fine all morning, so we are assuming it was a fluke caused by the storm and her nerves. At least she's not diabetic, so the loss of food in her stomach won't cause any severe side effects.

Buzz was so over Christmas.

However, Bella was not.


  1. Oh, the joys of pet ownership! Hope Bella (if it is really her) is fine.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

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  3. I really want you to get a detective hat now.

    Hope Bella is doing okay!


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