Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Routine changes

We have started testing Buzz's glucose only once a day (instead of twice). This relieves a financial burden - seeing as how each test strip costs $1, we were spending between $2 and $5 a day on just testing his glucose levels. We just started this weekend and it has been going well so far - let's keep our fingers crossed (and knock on wood for good measure) that nothing happens to make us go back to multiple tests a day.

Also big news - Bella turned THREE on Saturday! We got her a cool dog house I saw on Gus's blog, but she doesn't seem to think it's so cool. But Buzz does, so that makes them even - Bella stole Buzz's stuffingless toys we got him for his birthday, and Buzz has stolen Bella's dog house. They are such good adopted siblings. :)

the birthday present!
so very unsure...
so i tried to coax her in using her favorite toy
'but mom, how am i supposed to get it?'

'C'mon, mom. Help me out!'
.....and she gave up.


  1. Hey, the house looks great! I'm sure Bella will take to it eventually and Buzz will keep it warm for her until then. When Gus is feeling wild he likes to tip it on its side and push himself through the roof.

    Glad to hear that Buzz is doing okay with just the one test a day.

  2. I almost got the same house for Kirby...I still may! Glad you could go down to one test a day with Buzz, good luck!

    Kirby's mom

  3. That is SO something Riley girl would do...be unsure of her fancy dog house! Ah well, at least Buzz can get back at her since she stole his awesome toys! But happy 3rd birthday to Bella!

    Great news for you, your pockets, AND Gus about the testing once a day now! I'm sure he's super happy about that.

    Elyse and Riley


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