Monday, April 4, 2011

Great news!

After 4 months of twice daily insulin injections, Buzz is officially okay with them! For the past week, Buzz has been allowing me to give him his injection without the help of my husband. This is phenomenal because since being diagnosed, he has needed my husband to hold his head still while I inject so as not to cause me to over react to him moving and pull back, thus having to inject him again. We inject him in his scruff - I know, I know, everything I read says don't inject in the scruff! But it's the only place, as of now, that he's okay with. I've tried his flanks (for about a week I tried this area) but he has a strong dislike of injections in that region. To make it easier on him (and on me!) we continued with his scruff at the recommendation of our vet. Maybe in the future, we will try new areas on him, but right now, we're good with his scruff. The trick is to mix it up. Inject on his left side comnig from the head, then coming from the tail. Then move to the middle and then his right side. He's cool with anywhere on his scruff.

The trick to getting Buzz okay with his insulin injections? Treats. Lots and lots of treats.


  1. Yay! Good for Buzz, and for you!! I know it must be so much easier now that he's so cooperative with you.

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Wonderful news for Buzz. Keep up the good work, before you know it I bet it will be old hat for him!

    Kirby's mom


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