Monday, February 28, 2011

Buzz the Diva

When Buzz first joined our family, he was fiercely independent - probably a side effect from years as a stray and throw away dog.

Well, I am happy to report that next weekend is Buzz's 1 year anniversary with us. However, I've noticed him becoming more and more divalicious. At first, I thought it was because he was sick and wanted his mom near him to be at his beck and call (hey, who wouldn't want that?!?). But now, I can't even go to the bathroom without BOTH dogs following me in there!

Bella has always been a velcro dog - needing to be where ever I was at any given moment. If she couldn't find me, you'd think the world had ended (well, unless Darren's mom is around. Bella absolutely LOVES my mother-in-law). Buzz was the polar opposite. If you needed to find him, he was always on the back on the couch - sleeping.

Not anymore. I don't know if he's picked up Bella's bad habits or if he is just afraid that if I'm gone too long, he may wind up in another home (not too far fetched from his point of view). This has made crating him a little harder, trying to get errands done a tad more difficult, and even trying to clean up the house without tripping over two dogs nearly impossible.

Whatever the reasons, I am now the proud owner of two velcro dogs. And boy, do I love them. :)

Buzz and Bella at Halloween


  1. Sorry, I'm just now catching up with your blog. Riley is absolutely a Velcro dog like Bella and Buzz. It's hard getting things done without tripping over ONE Velcro dog...can't imagine TWO!!

    Elyse (and Riley)

    Going back to read the other blog posts that I missed of yours right now.

  2. I've never heard it put that way!
    I'll be sure to remember calling it "Velcro dogs"... mine sure are the same way!

    Rudy's Raiser

  3. When Uncle J comes to visit, you get a bit of a break from Velcro!

  4. J - yeah, that is definitely a perk of you visiting! :) But then you leave, and Buzz and D both go into this state of depression. So sad. Ha. :)

  5. A lovely pair of pooches!

    Maybe Buzz is starting to get more attached to you and that's why it's harder to let you go (to work or shopping).

    Aschiuta is also becoming clingier, coming for a pet or a cuddle.

    It could even be spring blues.

  6. Hi there...thanks for visiting our blog! So glad you did so I could catch up on your posts. I mistakenly didn't add blogs to my reader after the Pet Blogger Challenge...problem solved. :)

    Buzz is such a brave dog and the two of you are obviously loving, doting parents!


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