Monday, February 7, 2011

Barking Deals

I found this website from another dog blog and have fallen in love with it - Barking Deals.

Have you ever been to groupon and thought, "Wow, this could be really handy if they sold dog/cat/animal treats/toys/whatever."

Well, today must be your lucky day! :)

So far, we've bought (@ Buzz and Bella's request, of course) two talking voice-recordable bones (amazing - but Buzz still hasn't quite figured them out. He just stares at it when he squeezes it and hears my voice, probably thinking 'what the heck is mom doing inside of this thing?'!) and we also bought some treats to wrap pills in. They took about a week to get here after we bought them, but we cannot complain because the shipping is free (how cool is that!?)!

Not only do they sell really neat things/toys that I normally don't see at our local PetSmart, but they sell them at a great discount - most things are over 50% off retail prices.

I got some great deals on some toys/treats I would've bought anyway and paid a whole lot more for. Go check them out - Barking Deals.


  1. I like Barking Deals too! They have Kong stuff a lot which is great since Daisy likes to destroy toys.

  2. I know what you mean about having a pink leash, pink harness, and pink poop bags and people STILL thinking Bella's a boy. Riley has a pink collar and pink leash and I try to put a girly bandanna on her when we go on therapy visits if she's not wearing her standard issue red Therapy Dogs International bandanna. I've ordered her two more girly looking bandannas to wear on visits...hopefully that, and the pictures I hand out will get people thinking she's a girl!

    Elyse (and Riley)

    P.S.--I love Barking Deals!

  3. Wait. Bella's a girl?! Why didn't anyone tell me?


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